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Since opening our doors in 2010, our objective has been to not only provide the best flood insurance options, but also to educate our customers on what flood insurance is, why it is needed, and how New York Flood Insurance can help. Here you’ll find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions – about both the requirements and flood insurance coverages that are available in New York.

General Questions

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The vast majority of homeowners’ insurance policies only cover damage caused by threats such as fire, lightning, windstorms, hail, and theft/vandalism.

There are other some policies that can cover additional threats, floods and earthquakes are typically not covered even on such policies. Therefore, a separate flood insurance policy is necessary to cover any damage to your home or business caused by flooding.

Many private insurance companies such as Ace or Hiscox offer enhanced or excess flood protection through New York Flood Insurance, which provides limits above $250,000 or the NFIP coverage amount. Our team of New York flood agents can assist in finding the additional coverage you need.

For more information, Contact a New York flood insurance! Our agents are happy to discuss your options to make sure you’re fully protected and you have the coverage that fully covers your needs.

Flood zones are always being updated. To see if your county has recently been affected, visit our parent site and see a list of recent flood zone changes nationwide.

If your flood zone has changed, you want to make sure your home or property is fully covered or you have additional questions, contact one of our agents who can assist you with possible discounts you might qualify for, find out how much your yearly premium will be, and make you aware of any special situations that may affect your property or business’s flood insurance coverage.

If your home is located in a high-risk flood area and your mortgage is from a federally regulated bank, it is mandatory to carry flood insurance. While flood insurance is not federally required for properties in moderate- to low-risk flood areas (or if you own your home outright), your lender may still
require flood insurance be purchased.

Considering Florida’s high risk of flooding statewide, it is strongly recommended that all homeowners carry flood insurance due to the amount of flood claims
made in low- to moderate-risk zones.

The average flood insurance premium in New York is under $1250 a year. Your exact premium is calculated by factors such as amount and type of coverage, location of the property, the age and value of your home, property elevation and structure, and the deductible. Due to recent flood insurance reform and flood zone changes in specific counties in Florida, this amount may not reflect current flood insurance costs for certain areas.

At New York Flood Insurance, we can help you determine your premium, which discounts you might qualify for and if there are any special siuations with your home or business that may affect your flood insurance coverage.


Everyone in California is eligible for flood coverage as everyone lives in a flood zone. Qualifying for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) coverage will depend on your flood zone and community where the property is located. If your community does not participate with the NFIP, you could still be eligible through a private carrier, which California Flood Insurance can provide direct access to.

For disaster assistance to be offered for your home or business, the President must declare a national disaster – and that is not guaranteed. Consider that federal assistance is not insurance – it is a low-interest loan. FEMA gives a nice example to better understand how this loan works:
Borrow $50,000 at 4%to repair your property.
Over the next 30 years, you’ll pay about $240 a month in addition to your mortgage to pay back the loan.

Yes and no.
New York Flood Insurance offers a fast (less than 15 minutes) online quoting process where you can receive a free online quote with only a few answers to some basic questions about the home or business, but you will still need to contact a flood agent to bind coverage.

Our sophisticated quoting system provides a free flood zone determination, as well as an instant, estimated yearly premium if the property is in flood zones B, C, or X. Once the process is complete, you will need to briefly speak with one of our flood agents to bind the policy, as additional information will be required (as with any insurance provider). Completing the quote request online will help expedite your request!

You can only purchase flood insurance through an insurance agent; you cannot buy it directly from the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). Since New York Flood Insurance is a general agent, we can quickly process all flood insurance policies through the NFIP or through one of our many private carriers.

Flood insurance covers physical damage to your property and possessions (up to a certain limit depending on your flood policy). To learn more, please click the link below for a more detailed guide of what is and what is not covered to better understand your flood insurance policy in New York.
What Flood Insurance Covers>>

If you have another question after reviewing the attachment, Contact one of our flood experts.

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New York Flood Insurance, Flooding is the nation’s number one natural disaster. While floods occur in every area of the country, many property owners remain unprepared. Standard homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage.

Therefore, it is important to know what options are available to protect your assets from flood losses.

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